Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse-Day 5

 I was lazy today and only worked on the thatched areas. But I did get that part finished.
Here's the front door area:

And the left side:

And the right side:

Ok, next I'll get started on the landscape painting......:)


Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse-Day 4

On day 4, it is becoming more defined. I shaded some on the thatch porch cover, shaded the bricks by the front door and did the shading and detail (wood grain) on all the frames and wood beams.

I tried to get a good pic of the detail of the wood grain here:

This picture shows the left side of the house. You can see that I painted the two lower windows on. I painted curtains in the windows and did the cross-hatching across the windows. It's a pretty neat way to add windows to your dollhouse!

And this shows the right side of the house.

Tomorrow I'll be working on detailing the thatch roof over the door and the thatch covers over the side windows I painted on.

The following days will the the landscaping work. Bushes, trees, flowers and such. Oh, and also a fence.


Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse-Day 3

Amazing what a little paint can do, huh? Today's picture shows that I have dry-brushed the window frames and wood-like areas and painted in the bricks by the front door. I've also shaded to give depth.
You can see the wood beams and painted-on windows on the side. When a kit that I buy doesn't have downstairs windows cut out, I just paint them on.

And here is a close-up for more detail viewing.

Tomorrow I'll be adding even more detail to the window frames so that they look like old wood. More shading and highlighting, too.


Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse-Day 2

Ah, now it begins to take shape and get a little bit of personality. I've basecoated some of the window frames and the door overhang. I've also added a scattering of bricks. Got to get that cottage look, ya know?
Tomorrow, I'll have the bricks around the door painted and shaded. And I'll also have some of the painting done on the sides of the house. Also the wood beams on the sides painted and then will have shaded all around the frames and wood beams.


Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse

This is a dollhouse that I started quite awhile ago, but had to set aside when I made the move from California to Texas. I am finally able to get back to it!
The theme for this house is "Shabby Chic Cottage". I wanted to make this dollhouse look as much as possible like a chic little cottage with all the interior accents made in that "shabby chic" look. We'll see how it turns out, but that is my goal.

I had already assembled the walls and partially decorated the interior, but now I have begun painting the outside. In this picture, I have only basecoated the exterior walls. I'll have pictures every day (hopefully) showing a step-by-step view of how the house evolves from plain 'ol paint to a lovely cottage.

Tomorrow's picture will show painting on the bricks and the window frames. Stay tuned!

Dollhouse Miniature Hand Painted Chair and Cabinet

Hand Painted Chair and Cabinet


Shabby Chic Bedroom Set - xx

This is one of the first bedroom sets that I made and I was thrilled when a lady that lives in Spain bought it. I think this was my first International sale. There's not any hand painting on it, but I make lots of minis that aren't hand painted. I just love making minis period!

I made the bed and nightstands of heavy cardboard, padded and covered with fabric and made ruffles. The lamps were purchased for like 99 cents each, cheap metal with gaudy painting on them. I covered the shades with fabric and made beaded fringe and added some tiny venise lace around the top. Changed them completely!

You'll probably notice that I make most of my minis in a cottage or victorian theme. I'm an old-fashioned gal, and don't do much in the modern trends. I love roses and ruffles.


Hand Painted Folk Art Dollhouse

This is a dollhouse kit that I built and hand painted in the Folk Art theme. Almost all of my dollhouses that I make have a specific theme or idea behind them. I like to think they tell a story.