Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse

This is a dollhouse that I started quite awhile ago, but had to set aside when I made the move from California to Texas. I am finally able to get back to it!
The theme for this house is "Shabby Chic Cottage". I wanted to make this dollhouse look as much as possible like a chic little cottage with all the interior accents made in that "shabby chic" look. We'll see how it turns out, but that is my goal.

I had already assembled the walls and partially decorated the interior, but now I have begun painting the outside. In this picture, I have only basecoated the exterior walls. I'll have pictures every day (hopefully) showing a step-by-step view of how the house evolves from plain 'ol paint to a lovely cottage.

Tomorrow's picture will show painting on the bricks and the window frames. Stay tuned!

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