Shabby Chic Cottage Hand Painted Dollhouse-Day 4

On day 4, it is becoming more defined. I shaded some on the thatch porch cover, shaded the bricks by the front door and did the shading and detail (wood grain) on all the frames and wood beams.

I tried to get a good pic of the detail of the wood grain here:

This picture shows the left side of the house. You can see that I painted the two lower windows on. I painted curtains in the windows and did the cross-hatching across the windows. It's a pretty neat way to add windows to your dollhouse!

And this shows the right side of the house.

Tomorrow I'll be working on detailing the thatch roof over the door and the thatch covers over the side windows I painted on.

The following days will the the landscaping work. Bushes, trees, flowers and such. Oh, and also a fence.

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