Sharing the Dollhouse Miniature World

I am so excited! My nine year old granddaughter is moving from California to Texas where I am! I finally have some one to play with my dollhouses and miniatures! LOL! I have so many miniatures and she is the perfect age for this. She is a very sweet child and is one of those that "plays" all day long. Well, when not in school, I mean. She just loves to play. Seems a lot of children now days want to watch TV or play video games, but she just loves dolls and all the "girly" things. They will be arriving late tomorrow night and will take a few days to get settled in their new home and enrolled in school here, but after that.......she'll be coming to Grandma's house to visit and play! Here's a picture of her "cheesing" with a big smile..........isn't she pretty?!

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