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Judee's Beds by Judee Williamson - xx

This is a vintage book, published in 1985 and comes from my private collection. There are nine gorgeous beds for you to make with pictures, diagrams, patterns and instructions.

Fashions 1806-1810 by Susan Sirkis - xx

This vintage book is No. 1 of the Wishlet Series by Susan Sirkis. It contains patterns and instructions for clothing and hairstyles for 5½" dolls for a 1:12 scale dollhouse.

RARE - Granny's Kitchen by Joann Swanson - xx

Published in 1983, this dollhouse book in a rare find for you. This is from my private collection and is a real treasure for a dollhouse miniaturist.

Dollhouse Miniature Contemporary Living Furniture Vintage Book - xx

One of the unexpected niceties of contemporary work is the wide spectrum of choice within the so-called confines of the period. Contemporary means present-day living and much of that living varies from household to household with appropriate changes in furniture and decor.

Dolls House Do-It-Yourself Curtains

Step-by-step Instructions for over 25 projects. Imagine a home without curtains - what a bleak, unloved place it would seem.