Dollhouse Miniature Contemporary Living Furniture Vintage Book - xx

One of the unexpected niceties of contemporary work is the wide spectrum of choice within the so-called confines of the period. Contemporary means present-day living and much of that living varies from household to household with appropriate changes in furniture and decor.

Publication Date: 1983
14 pages
 Many pieces of furniture seen today use clean, straight lines in both upholstered and wooden pieces. An occasional curve, structured within the framework, may be used to soften the effect and vary the design.

When furniture is frequently changed, a pair of single-arm love seats can contribute to many layouts changes within the room, or accommodate those necessary moves from one area to another, as was the case for miniature artisan and author, Helen Rughberg. Using her own upholstered love seats as a guide, she reproduces in 1:12 scale, a pair of comfortable, versatile and contemporary sofas. Covered in a woven textured material, they can be placed in five different arrangements. They can become the central point in a miniature living room or any other room the miniaturist may choose to place them. Whether a purist or eclectic setting, these love seats can alter the appearance of the room and add an extra dimension of fun for the involved interior decorating miniaturist. Note: A chair may also be made from this plan using just one cushion section and adding arms on both sides.

The corner table, cocktail table and table lamp are modified versions of many types seen in furniture stores and home decorating magazines. These pieces add to the versatility of your room depending upon the direction you take in positioning the love seats. This book is in my private collection.

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