Making Miniature Punched Rugs with Embroidery Thread

Making Miniature Punched Rugs with Embroidery Thread

Punch needle embroidery has a rich and varied history.  It has been used to embellish clothing and to create beautiful works of art.  Using a single strand of embroidery floss you can create a wonderful miniature "hooked" rug.

You can buy the rugs as kits or as finished rugs from Carol Sherry Miniatures

Each kit contains a printed fabric with one of her original designs, all the floss you will need, and a color chart and instructions.  As you consider the designs, keep in mind that you can easily change the colors as you wish by simply buying the embroidery floss of your choice at a craft store.  You can also make the rugs smaller by completing only the sections you want. 

In addition, you will need a single strand punch needle, a locking lip hoop and a small sharp scissors.  You can purchase the punch needle and the hoops from her if you would like.

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