A little inspiration for decorating your dollhouse

decorating your dollhouse

I would never have thought to put a grandfather clock on a stairway landing.....but it looks charming here. Of course the kitty and puppies are adorable, too!

This is a nice setting for a living room or sitting room. I like the window seat on the right. That's a nice idea to fill such a narrow space.

This is a sweet setup for a bedroom. I really like the wallpaper gives the room a very finished look, don't you think?

Now this is a real sweetie of a porch! The flowers and greenery really make the scene special.

As the maid brings in the refreshments, I am loving this study/den idea. Notice that the shelves on each side are angled instead of just regular straight 90 degree walls. A very nice touch!

This "pub" is really detailed. Not only does it have a bar, but there are tables for the customers and the table on the left has a checkerboard or chess set (can't tell which). I love the bartender!

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