June 2018 Preview

Victorian Powder Room Sign
A Beautiful Powder Room Sign 

A Printable Dollhouse Miniature Room Screen
I just had to share with you some of my excitement for the content I will make available for free download for my patrons in June. Patrons, btw, are people that join my Patreon community. 

Since I am getting on in years, I know one thing for sure. I have been prolific in creating on my computer for years and years. I really don't want those thousands and thousands of creative things (files) to just sit there forever. They need to be shared.

Glove and Butterfly PNG Image
Glove and Butterfly PNG Image
Well, I don't "make" them physically anymore. But I still have all the files for someone else to "make" them. 

People that join my Patreon community will receive the files as "rewards". Once you join the community, the files will be available to you at no charge. You will have access to any current (and all previous) downloads in the tier level you choose to join.

Java Printable Cross Stitch Pattern
A Java Printable Cross Stitch Pattern

Some of the downloads will be for your personal use, something you make for yourself or as a gift. Other things you can make to sell for profit. My one hard and fast rule is that you do not share, distribute, give away or sell the actual file or image as a stand-alone.

With Love Greeting Card
Greeting Card Front

In addition to all the thousands (yes, thousands) of downloadable files I have to share are many things that I have made myself and still have on hand. Hundreds of lovely things, if I say so myself. lol. I also have boxes and boxes of craft books, patterns and magazines that need a new home. I want to give them away to loyal patrons. I am still working out ideas of how to do this. I may have a monthly contest for patrons that refer a certain number of people to sign up for my patron community. Or I may have it set up so that when you (a patron) refer and sign up X number of people, you will receive X. I will mail the physical reward item, at my expense, to you, anywhere in the world. Something to think about, yes?

But until I get the giveaways set up, if you want to refer someone and that someone signs up for my patreon community, let me know. You can send me a message, with their name, by using the Contact Me form on this blog. Once they join the community, I will keep track and give you credit for those when I start to do the giveaways.

Little Girl PNG Image
Little Girl PNG Image
I will continue to add rewards for my patrons, here on this blog, every day. Some days a few, some days more. Patrons will get a feed so that you are reminded there are new rewards offered.

So let's get on with it. Time for me to add some new content!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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